May 9, 1991

This is the very first picture of me, my first echo. Only 11 weeks old, but the world is preparing for my arrival!


November 25, 1991

Today is the day, the day I will be born. The first sound I have ever made was recorded at 4:15 a.m. With a weight of 3,650 kg and a size of 49 cm I am a healthy baby.

Stand up comedy

August 12, 1992

Whoa, look at me! After 8,5 months I can stand up, and all by myself! … What if I dress up funny, does that count as stand up comedy?

First tooth

September 28, 1992

Ok, I have to admit I have cried a lot the past few days. But there he finally is, my first tooth!

First birthday, first steps

November 25, 1992

Do you see that cake? I think it might be magical. Cause 13 days after I ate it I could walk! I finally took my first steps into this world.


September 1, 1994

I’m having cold feet! First day of kindergarten!

The Lion King

February 24, 1995

Who is that cute little lion? It’s me, in my first musical production ever: ‘The Lion King’!

Elementary school

September 1, 1997

Ok, I’m more excited about this milestone in my life as the previous ones. I will finally learn to read, to write,… Wait a second… If I still have to learn it… How did I made all those updates before?

Well, that’s a good start

September 14, 1997

Today I have done something very painful and stupid whilst riding a bike. The result: my left foot in a plaster and a few weeks no physical education. The good thing about that, I can get creative whilst the others are excercising.

Disneyland Paris, visit 1

March 18, 2001

Not that I never visited a theme park before in my life. I visited ‘de Efteling’,… but this place was different. For the first time in forever (I need to write that one down, maybe I can make a song about it later on) I’m having that feeling. You know, the one that is saying: I […]

Disneyland Paris, visit 2

August 20, 2003

Guess one time wasn’t enough, so here I am again. I really feel my creativity flowing over here. Now a few more days of relaxation and than I can start at the next chapter in my life: secondary education.

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